Dates (Arrive-Depart)        Cottage Description  Rate (plus tax)

 For 2018

 Unless otherwise noted, we rent only on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday during the summer. 
 Arrival    -   Departure   

 Call for Openings From May 12th to May 24th

 June 2nd - June 9th Cottage 1 - Lakeview with Porch $750 per week
  Cottage 2 - Lakeview with Porch $750 per week
 June 9th - June 16th Cottage 1 - Lakeview with Porch $750 per week    
  Cottage 2 - Lakeview with Porch     $750 per week
 July 14th - July 21st Cottage 1 - Lakeview with Porch $875 per week

 Call for Openings After Labor Day thru September 29th